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2018-05-20 New type silicone oil for cotton

Appearance: Canary yellow transparent fluid

Ionic Type: Cation 

Main Components: Three-component block copolymer with combination of siloxane, polyamine and polyether

Content: 47% 

Application Scope : The product is used for various fibers’ finishing. Especially when it is used for cotton cloth’s finishing, hydrophilicity and softness are all fine.


1. Achieve the effect of instantaneous water-absorption, hand feeling is superior to normal amino silicon oil

2. No floating oil, no spots of silicon oil, non-sticky to roller

3. After softening treatment, the fabrics can be redyed directly, the process is very safe

4. Resistant to acids and alkalis, high temperature, high shearing force

5. Low yellowing property

6. Fluffy, soft, slippy and waxy, fullness, nature

7. Replace similar imported products,high cost performance

Hot selling in south America,better performance than Amino silicone oil,lower your cost!

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